How to Make Waxing Less Painful (Without Numbing Creams).

Waxing is not a subject to take lightly, but it can be made easier. Waxing can cause pain and irritation, which may make people want to avoid the process. But here’s a secret: There are some things that you can do before waxing to make the experience less painful. Here are a few tips on how to make waxing less painful.

A Few Tips on How to Make Waxing Less Painful

A few tips on how to make waxing less painful are as follows:

  1. Take a hot shower beforehand. Taking a shower before waxing can help to soften the hair follicles, making them easier to remove.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly. Applying petroleum jelly or other ointment to the area that you will be waxing is an excellent idea. This helps to prevent any irritation that may occur after removal of the hair with wax. Petroleum jelly is also useful for protecting the skin from becoming too dry during this process, which also reduces irritation. If you don’t have access to petroleum jelly, you can use another type of lubricant instead.
  3. Apply ice beforehand or soak in cold water afterward. Applying ice before waxing or soaking in cold water afterwards can reduce pain and swelling by constricting blood vessels in the area being treated. The cold will also numb the skin so it’s slightly less sensitive when the hairs are removed with hot melted wax.
  4. Use a numbing cream beforehand or after removal of hair with wax is completed using ice packs over the area that was just treated with hot melted wax for 20 minutes afterwards if desired for reduced pain during and after treatment due to high levels of natural painkillers found in aloe vera and menthol essential oils .

Apply some lotion or cocoa butter to the area before waxing

Lotion or cocoa butter can help to soften the hair, making it easier for the wax to remove the hair. Applying this before waxing could make the waxing process more comfortable.

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Exfoliate at least 24 hours before waxing

Exfoliating your skin before waxing can help the wax adhere to the hair better and not to your skin. You can exfoliate with a fruit or vegetable peel, or you can use a sugar scrub.

Wash your hair two days before waxing

This is one of the best tips for how to make waxing less painful. Hair that is washed two days before waxing will be cleaner, meaning the wax will adhere better to your skin when you apply it. This will cause less pulling when removing the wax.


Waxing can be a great way to remove hair from any part of the body, but it’s not always the most comfortable. Thankfully, there are some ways to make it less painful.

It’s best to exfoliate the area 24 hours before waxing to remove any dry skin. You can also apply lotion or cocoa butter to the area an hour before waxing. And you’ll want to wash your hair two days before waxing. If you follow these few tips, you should be able to avoid the worst of the discomfort and pain and come out happy and hair-free!

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